Optivation develops advanced optimization and analytics software. It is recognized by the liner shipping industry for leading expertise in optimization algorithms for automated containership stowage planning based on 10 years research at the Decision Optimization Lab, IT University of Copenhagen.


stowmans_schenefeld_5sep2013Demonstration 5 Sep 131 April 2013. Optivation has entered a partnership with IS Interschalt on development of Stowman[S]. Stowman[S] extends the popular Stowman stowage tool by Interschalt with a module for optimization assisted stowage planning. 

10 Years Co-Operation Agreement
ec_signing_29jun2014Signing Champagne29 June 2014. IS Interschalt and Optivation has signed a 10 years co-operation agreement on developing and marketing Stowman[S]. We have already enjoyed  working as a united team for more than one year and look forward to an even closer collaboration in the future.